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This story was written over a period of nearly two years (mainly because school takes precedence over writing stories). The tone is supposed to be sad. Also, there will be adult situations in later chapters (but nothing of the romantic or sexual nature).

Rain in the Desert: Chapter One

Easy Street was not an address the Curious brothers knew well.

The problems started way before the brothers and their older sister were even born. Their father, Glarn, had been fascinated with the stars and cosmos since the tender age of seven. While all the other kids were playing outside, Glarn gazed through his telescope for hours on end.

When Glarn became a teenager, his fascination with Astronomy morphed into an obsession with getting abducted by aliens. The obsession continued well into his adult years and well into his first marriage to a woman named Glabe. Shortly after they married, Glarn was abducted and impregnated with twin alien girls. Glabe, fed up with Glarn’s intergalactic antics, walked out on him. Glarn was forced to raise the babies by himself.

Later, Glarn married a woman named Kitty, who became the mother of his daughter, Jenny, and his three sons, Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo. Kitty, like Glabe, was not too pleased with Glarn’s obsession with aliens, but she would never abandon him. Instead, she would try to change him.

“What about our children?” she would ask. “What if you get abducted and never come back? Your children would be without their father.”

“Kitty, I’ve been with them before. They wouldn’t do anything but impregnate me with an alien child,” Glarn said. “And I have an agreement with them about that.”

This was not enough to assure Kitty that her children wouldn’t lose their father. An argument would usually follow this exchange.

Kitty and Glarn did their best to keep their arguments quiet, but when their children became teenagers, they were less able to hide their disagreements. Kitty and Glarn didn’t realize it, but their arguments deeply affected their children.

Jenny, who was all for keeping the family together, sided mostly with Kitty. She, too, did not want to risk losing her father to extraterrestrials. She wanted him around to see her children. But when she married Pollination Technician 9, all her preconceived notions about aliens went out the door. Needless to say, Kitty was not thrilled.

Pascal was fascinated with any kind of learning, especially learning about other planets and galaxies. He also fostered an interest in alien abductions, but, knowing that Kitty would flip out if one of her babies got abducted, he tried to hide it.

Vidcund also ended up with a vested interest in the cosmos. Like his father, he became obsessed with aliens and hoped to visit them someday.

Lazlo was somewhat interested in Astronomy, but not to the extent of his father and brothers. He was more interested in the experiments on “Bill Nye: The Science Guy” and the science museums-over anything, he just wanted to have fun. In fact, Lazlo’s easy-going nature allowed him to be relatively more relaxed about his parents’ arguments than his siblings.

Jenny soon grew up, got married at the age of eighteen, and moved out, leaving the three brothers with their parents. Kitty began to realize that she might become outnumbered in her arguments against alien abductions. She felt as though she might be able to relax a little since it seemed to her that none of the boys were overly interested in aliens. And Glarn seemed to be using the telescope less and less since she had another talk with him.

But one day, Glarn went out on the balcony to stargaze. He knew he shouldn’t-Kitty had begged him not to even touch the telescope that night, as it was an alien holiday and they were sure to be cruising the skies-but he couldn’t help it. It was almost as if the stars were calling to him and the only way he could answer was through the telescope.

Vidcund had wandered upstairs while taking a study break to watch Glarn at the telescope. He’d overheard his parents’ arguments about Glarn’s using it. He knew how angry Kitty would be if she found out they were out here. But he wasn’t going to tell his mother about any of it. He’d only seen his father this happy when he was stargazing.

Glarn noticed his sixteen-year-old son, watching him intently, and smiled. Vidcund was the only one he could really open up to about his alien fascination. Pascal would probably tire of hearing about it. Lazlo wouldn’t be interested, and Jenny would tell her mother. But Vidcund understood how important this was to Glarn and that for the family’s sake, Kitty couldn’t ever find out.

Glarn even let Vidcund look through the telescope. Vidcund, having been always forbidden to use the telescope, jumped at the chance.

It was an unfortunate coincidence that Kitty had forgotten to water the plants on the balcony that morning. She went to take care of it and found Glarn standing by the telescope, letting, nay, encouraging Vidcund to stargaze.

This was too much for Kitty. She fainted from shock and never woke up. Less than a month later, Glarn, unable to go on without his beloved wife, died of grief.

Pascal, just out of college at the time, decided that he definitely could not move out and leave his teenaged brothers on their own. He decided to finish raising both Vidcund and Lazlo on his own.

Picking up where his parents left off proved to be easier said than done. They were both at the age when teenagers decide to go left when they are told to go right.

For example, Pascal had never liked Circe Salamis. She was always kicking over their trashcan, stealing their newspaper, and shouting obscenities when Pascal came outside. Yet, Vidcund was attracted to her. And she was attracted to Vidcund, at least for a while.

Pascal didn’t want to express any dislike towards Circe out loud on account of the small chance that she might not be such a bad person. But as he observed Circe and Vidcund on a date, he could see her breaking up with him from a mile away. She did just that after dating him for only the second semester of their senior year in high school. However, Pascal could never have predicted how callous she could be during and after a relationship; by the end of the school year, Vidcund was crushed.

Lazlo was much more difficult than Vidcund. Pascal would tell him to clean his room at least a thousand times, but at the end of the day, Lazlo’s room was still a mess. He prodded Lazlo to study, but Lazlo preferred to sleep instead. And it was useless to even try to get Lazlo to help clean the rest of the house. At least Vidcund helped with the chores and got straight A’s in school.

When the brothers grew up, they remodeled the house themselves. They washed all the paint from the walls, as if to wash away all the memories of their past. They painted the walls white and added a rooftop level where the second floor had been. They filled the rooftop level with the telescopes from which they had been barred for so many years. On the outside, it looked like a brand new house.

On the inside, it would always be 2 Cover Up Road, the setting of the Curious brothers trials and tribulations.

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