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Everyone's got a cross (post) to bear.

(I've posted more of these on tumblr as well)

Maybe posting this might help the writer's block.

These are just some of my head-canons (that's the word that fits best) about Sims from Strangetown. They're mostly focused on the Beaker and Curious households, since those are the two that I play the most. I don't use them in every story; I like to think of all the different Strangetown-based stories as taking place in alternate universes, and these ideas are from one of them. It'd probably fit with the sci-fi theme.

I figured since Sims 2 doesn't have much of a canon outside of memories and photos, things are pretty much open to interpretation. With this particular set of ideas, I tried to stick somewhat close to what little was given, but I also tried to do things I hadn't seen very much in other stories.

Some of them are probably unpopular opinions (I haven't read every Strangetown story, so I may be wrong about this).

Character-based ideas

In-universe explanations for Strangetown Bella Goth:
-In the Sims world, Bella Goth is somewhat of a celebrity. Strangetown Bella is a fanatic wannabe.
-Strangetown Bella is part of a cult of Bella worshippers. Their uniform is Bella’s red dress.

Doctor Newlow exists in the Sims 2 PC universe, but he does slightly different misdeeds than the ones he did in the PSP game (the PSP version is in one of those alternate universes).
-The “Evil Cow” mascots from the universities are recruiters for a cult called the Kine Society. Their leader is El Toro, also known as Dominic Newlow or Doctor Dominion.

The crashed UFO in the crater by the Beaker house was from some young aliens taking a road trip. They survived the crash, but the wreckage was unsalvageable, so they just left it.

Under his cloak and hood, the Grim Reaper looks like Nervous. Olive has seen him without his hood and knows exactly why Nervous doesn’t look much like her—it’s because he’s the spitting image of his father. (Then, maybe after she sees Nervous as an adult, she and Grim decide to keep the cloak on while they Woohoo, so it doesn't get weird.)

The Sims can make aspiration rewards. For example, Loki cobbled together a version of the Enigmatic Energizer from parts he found in a junkyard. Circe tweaked it for her experiments. They did the same with the SimVac, Noodlesoother, and Thinking Cap.
-The Aquagreen plants are a type of marijuana.

Loki, Circe, and the Curious siblings are neuroscientists. Circe and Jenny work in the mental ward of the Strangetown hospital.

As a kid, Circe wasn’t desperately poor, but she wasn’t exactly rich either. The Salamis family lived in a small house with a few other families and had to share everything. Circe disliked this because there wasn’t much to share in the first place and she was the youngest, which meant her turn to do anything was always last.
-Loki is the first thing she’s had all to herself (she had to share Vidcund with his brothers).
-Circe has the same personality points as Gundrun Beaker, Loki’s mother.
-Circe doesn’t want to admit it, but she feels threatened by Nervous Subject. Loki and Nervous have a very good relationship, and she fears she might lose Loki to Nervous.
-Circe is somewhat possessive toward Loki. She sometimes refers to him as “my Loki.”

Glabe, Lola, and Chloe lived in the same house as the Salamis family. So did the Loner family and the Loste family.

The Beaker family moved from Aurora Skies, Norssimskland to Strangetown, Simerica after a traumatic event. This traumatic event might be one (or more) of the following:
-Bjorn and Gundrun’s reputation is tarnished.
-The economy dries up.
-Loki was harassed or otherwise endangered.

Gundrun Beaker was quite stern and distant toward Loki and Erin. She was also hard to please. Bjorn was the softer of the two.

Erin once thought her dollhouse was haunted and asked Loki to smack it around for her (resulting in one of the pre-made pictures). She doesn’t particularly like dollhouses, even as an adult because she knows ghosts like to cluster around them.

Erin can see ghosts or is actually psychic (despite what her bio says).
-Loki became a knowledge Sim to try and understand this because he can see the ghosts, too. (He later finds out Nervous is another ghost-seer and they bond over it. Circe, however, cannot see the ghosts and this is very frustrating to her.)

Erin just pretends to be a ditzy valley girl.

Loki has a thick Norssimskland accent that he hasn’t been able to suppress, despite his mother’s best efforts to get him to lose it. As a result, the other Sims quickly pegged him as a "foreigner" (Buzz Grunt was especially harsh) and he never quite fit in, even in a place like Strangetown.
-Bjorn has an accent, too. It’s just that Loki’s was more noticeable because he talked more (he has seven outgoing points).

Loki tries very hard to please Circe. He could never really please his mother, and he believes pleasing Circe will make up for that and prove to himself that he isn’t “broken.”

The Beaker family wasn’t rich from the start. The house on 1 Tesla Court was abandoned and the town had trouble selling it. The sellers kept dropping the price, and by the time Loki and Circe bought it, they’d gotten a ridiculous discount.
-The furniture in the house either came with it, or was purchased for cheap after it “fell off a truck.”
-The value of the house slowly crept up over time. This is because shortly after Nervous arrived, the ghosts left over a period of a few weeks. So far, neither Loki nor Erin has been able to figure out why Nervous's presence repels ghosts.

Vidcund and Circe broke up for one (or more) of the following reasons:
-Circe got too possessive and Vidcund got scared (he was so scared, he had a toilet accident).
-Circe didn’t like sharing Vidcund with his brothers. (probably the most likely of the reasons)
-Vidcund realized he preferred men. Circe was somewhat disturbed by this, despite the Simlish social norms dictating that homosexuality is no big deal.

Pascal dislikes Circe and Loki for the following reasons:
-He suspects Circe may be corrupting or harming Nervous and resents Loki for letting it happen. (depending on the story I'm writing, he may or may not be right about this)
-He resents Circe for how she treated Vidcund and thinks Loki must be the same way (“Birds of a feather flock together.”).
-Bitter professional rivalry.
-Continuation of a Salamis-Beaker-Curious family feud.

Jenny’s full name is Jenevieve Curious-Smith.

Glarn Curious led a double life. He had his life with Kitty and their four kids (Jenny, Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo) and then he had his life with Glabe, Lola, and Chloe.
-Kitty found out about it and was devastated (Vidcund and Lazlo were teens at the time). Kitty was so distraught that she committed suicide. Vidcund was the one who found her body. Glarn stopped seeing Glabe, Lola, and Chloe. He died shortly after Lazlo grew into an adult. The circumstances around his death are mysterious.

Pascal wants to meet aliens because he’s interested in their culture and technology. Vidcund wants to meet aliens so he can ask them questions about his father. Lazlo just thinks it would be cool to hang out with aliens.
-Aliens love African violets, so this is why Vidcund has an “unnatural obsession” with them. He wants to attract the aliens.

Lazlo is interested in the paranormal because he wants to talk to his dead parents and ask them why they did the things they did. Pascal thinks Lazlo (and Vidcund) would be better off leaving the past in the past.

Ways Nervous may have met the Curious brothers:
-He met Lazlo in school.
-Loki brought Vidcund home from work one day.
-He met Pascal at the community lots.

Nervous lived in a group home after he was taken away from Olive and before he moved into the Beaker house.

Nervous was taken from Olive when he was somewhere between the age of seven and ten. He entered the Beaker house when he was somewhere between the age of twelve and sixteen.

Nervous may have been taken by the Social Worker for one of the following reasons:
-The state thought Olive was a mentally unstable murderer and didn’t want a child getting mixed up in that.
-They didn’t suspect Olive was a murderer, but they thought all the ghosts might harm Nervous.
-The “hidden” Nervous Subject clone (seen in the “An Unnerving Day” video) was revealed to have been hidden in Olive’s house. He is actually Nervous’s twin brother and his name is Norven. Olive kept Norven inside because he was “a little off” in her opinion and she wanted to protect him from the world. Social Services didn’t approve of this and took both boys away. As Olive’s memory began to fail, she began to think of them as one person, probably as some sort of defense mechanism against further trauma, since Norven died shortly after he was taken away.
-Nervous’s grades dropped too low.

Nervous’s real name is Suronev Subjetti. “Nervous” is just a nickname and anagram.
-The “Subjetti” comes from the name the Grim Reaper had before he became the Grim Reaper (there were others before him). “Subject” is a corruption of his last name.

Ways Nervous may have gotten his nickname:
-The guardian of the group home where he lived, or maybe the other kids there, called him “Nervous” because of his disposition.
-His brain got scrambled temporarily from Circe’s experiments. When he tried to write his name, he wrote the letters in the wrong order. It happened to come out as “Nervous.”

Possible explanations for why Nervous lost all those personality points:
-His personality changed because of the group home he was living in (perhaps the guardian discouraged neatness, outgoingness, playfulness, and niceness).
-Or maybe he lost them due to the psychological experiments (if there were any).

If there are any experiments, they’re likely Circe’s idea.
-Loki is a human lab rat, too; he just doesn’t know it (yet).

Possible reasons why Nervous came to live in the Beaker house:
-He was an apprentice.
-He was desperate to get away from the group home. Either Loki or Circe gave him room and board in exchange for help with experiments or Loki already knew Nervous and let him stay in the house.

Other assorted theories

Sims in Strangetown wear heavy black eyeliner to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare. (I had to have some explanation for why I put all that eyeliner on them other than, "It amuses me.")

Possible heights of Sims (if they weren’t all the same height in game):
-Pascal: 6’ 1”
-Vidcund: 5’ 7”
-Lazlo: 5’ 9”
-Jenny: 5’ 9”
-Loki: 5’ 10”
-Erin: 5’ 7”
-Circe: 5’ 9”
-Nervous: 5’ 7”

Explanation for non-alien male pregnancy and other related shenanigans with the Tombstone of Life and Death: All Sims have both sets of reproductive organs and hormones. This is just how their anatomy is. (This one may need a little more work, but I can't put my finger on how.)

Strange aging: Sims don’t age the way people in the real world do. They stay only as long as they need to in a certain life phase, then move on when they’re ready. The only restriction for aging is that they can’t become older than, or out-age, their older relatives. (This one may need some work, too.)

In the Sims universe, magic is just another type of science (a fairly new one).

I might post more later if I can think of any.
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